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  • Do you only have the basics ?
    Online yes but the short answer is no. We have over 100+ gel shades to choose from and will be introduced to the website. If you would like exclusive access to the range we have in our warehouse email us at and we will get back to you.
  • What is your returns, refunds and exchange policy?
    Returns: Only items that have a material defect will be considered for return. Material Defects are defects that exclude but are not limited to the following: differences in color between the item displayed on our website and the final color after application and finishing, marbling, Incorrectly ordered sizes, colors or products, improper use or application of any product, applying product incorrectly, applying product without the necessary training and qualification to do so, failure to adhere to common standards in the industry, applying product to natural nails that have any form of condition or disease whose contra-indications clearly state that no product should be applied, any changes of defects to Tips and Hues products that occur as a result of mixing different brands of products. Refunds: Unopened and/or unused items may be returned for a full refund within a 7-day period provided the original till slip or tax invoice is produced and the product is in its original packaging. An inspection will be done on products for refunds and exchanges.
  • Can I collect my order in person ?
    We do not have a physical store but provisions can be made for orders to be collected from our warehouse. Please contact to make arrangements.
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